“To love a rescuer, you must love all of them.  You must love the scars covering their body from panicked and hurt animals they were trying to help.  You must love their fractured heart, that has been broken so many times they no longer even take the time to mend the pieces.  

To love a rescuer, you must embrace their grit and determination, and know that although they fight a war they can never win, they can and do win a few battles.  You must love the tears they will shed over those they lost.  You must give them comfort that they refuse to accept, as they blame themselves for things they could have never foreseen.  

To love a rescuer, you must acknowledge the rage they feel towards the world at times and know that anger is driven by a love of life too few have.  You must give them space and room to cry and mourn for the losses that others have caused out of carelessness or cruelty.  

To love a rescuer, you must understand their passion to heal and save is a calling, not a choice.  You must accept that to save animals is part of their soul and without that they can never be happy.

To love a rescuer, you must be patient.  You must accept their work comes first.  They will forgo sleep, forgo food, forgo their life for animals in need.  They will work tirelessly until their body and mind fail them completely and they cannot go on, but they do.

To Love a rescuer, you must be strong.  You must not be threatened by their focus and love of animals.  You must accept that the things you love about them, the strength and convictions and loyalty are also what drives their sense of duty to animals in need; you cannot have one without the other.

To love a rescuer, you must never ask them to choose, because they will, and it will not be you. “