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Simple Ways to Help Neglected Animals in Your Community


No matter what community you live in, the sad truth is that many dogs, cats, and other animals are being abused and neglected every day. If you want to help those animals, you don’t have to be wealthy or have a lot of extra time to make a difference. In fact, you can start right now! From partnering with local organizations to starting your own nonprofit to adopting a pet, here are some tips and resources from Odessa Animal Sanctuary to help you get involved in a worthy cause.


Working With Local Organizations


Whether you give your time or money, working through a charity in your community is an excellent way to help animals in need.


●     Donate your money or time at a local animal shelter.

●     If there is a Humane Society in your area, work with them to organize animal rescue teams or outreach events.

●     Sponsor a pet that you cannot rehome through a local shelter.

●     Volunteer for your city’s Animal Control to help homeless and abused animals.


Starting a Nonprofit


If you have a knack for business, you can use your talents to launch a nonprofit that helps animals.


●     Create a business plan that outlines your mission, values, goals, and strategies.

●     Assemble a board of directors that will help you reach your goals in the community and beyond.

●     Register as a nonprofit corporation to protect yourself from liability and to make it easier to access funding.

●     File your organization for tax-exempt status.


Other Tips for Helping Animals


Finally, here are a few other ways that you can assist abused and neglected animals in your community:


●     Consider adopting a pet through a local organization.

●     If you are a pet owner, make sure you meet all their needs and show them plenty of affection.

●     Before buying new pet-related products, don't forget to investigate the brands by reading objective reviews to make sure they’re safe and trustworthy.

●     If you happen to live in a location with a good walk score – that is, there are plenty of parks and businesses within walking distance – then ditch the car and take your four-legged friend out for some exercise.

●     Whether in the home or classroom, teach children how to practice compassion for animals.


By working together, we can help abused and neglected animals in our communities. Whether you want to partner with a charity, start your own organization, or find other ways to help, getting involved can prove to be an invaluable, rewarding experience. Consider the tips above, and keep researching different methods of creating a better community for our furry friends!


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